Global Defence Tenders

Defence opportunities extend far beyond the UK

In the digital age, countries across the world continue to modernise capabilities in the air, maritime and on land. High spenders in defence beyond the UK include governments in South Korea, China, Japan and Russia, as well as European countries such as France and Germany.

That said, the most obvious player in defence procurement in the US. The US defence budget hit $717 billion in 2019 – a figure which is almost four times what China spends.

If your business is interested in winning global defence tenders – learn more about the regions DCI covers below.

Why Work With Global Defence Organisations?

Many countries are choosing to increase their defence spending due to political factors and pressure from NATO allies for them to attain the 2% of GDP spend on defence recommended for NATO memebers.

In 2019, the US defence budget increased by 4.9% and Jane’s IHS Markit predicts that the rise in European defence spending will continue and will pass the £300 billion a year mark in 2021.

Many countries are investing in military modernisation to maintain their status as leaders in defence. In recent years, allocations have been made across a number of areas, ranging from cyber security and military equipment to nuclear defence support and missile defence programmes.

Expand Your Market Share With Defence Intelligence

DCI is a market-leading business intelligence solution, delivered by one of Europe’s leading experts in procurement.

Using defence intelligence to support your business to engage earlier with buyers around the world could put your business in a stronger position to win bids. With DCI’s Ultimate Defence Global you can gain access to the following features:

  • Contract Alerts
  • Bid Manager
  • Archive Data
  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Leads
  • Frameworks
  • Dynamic Purchasing Systems


Our Ultimate Defence Global customers also benefit from additional services such as Cyber Essentials and defence procurement consultancy and can also distribute three additional licences for DCI to appropriate areas of their business.

Maximise Your Opportunities In Defence

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes from all over the world.

If you would like to join them in maximising your exposure to global defence tenders as well as learning more about who your competitors are and who they’re winning business with, speak to one of our procurement experts during a free tailored demo of our powerful defence intelligence platform.

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